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Decade after decade, no shop has faced as many obstacles and changes as the iconic Normal-based head-shop, Mother Murphy's. Just about anyone in Bloomington, Normal has heard the name and likely has a nostalgic story about their first time climbing the stairs only to enter the magical Mother Murphy's. An undercover cop probably tried to sell your dad weed here in the 80's. It was the only place to get a bong in the midwest until the mid 70's. They had all the records you weren't supposed to listen to. 

But times there were a-changin. Back pre-pandemic (remember that?), nobody knew what was going to happen to the headshop at the top of the stairs.

When Mike and Becky first announced they were retiring, everyone was bracing for the worst: corporate takeover or city-sanctioned condemnation.

Enter us - Griffin, Noah, & Colton

When we heard Mother Murphy's could close forever, we gave up our illustrious careers as insurance salesmen and basket weavers to make sure rock 'n roll would never die in Normal. There was no way were going to let fifty years of counter-culture-in-your-face-damn-the-man glory be erased or turned into some clean cut soulless "smoke shop" with rows of overpriced bongs and 600+ exotic vape flavors. 

We got connected with Mike and Becky and poured our heart out about what Mother Murphy's meant to us. We gave 'em puppy dog eyes and told them how much we loved this old place. We did what we could to gather as much cash as we could to place an offer, then we crossed our fingers and waited. Time seemed to drag on but one day we got an email from the shop: They decided, out of almost 60 offers, to go with us! (Eat shit, 59 other offers!) Mike explained to us that Mother Murphy's had been their baby, their whole life, and they wanted it to be passed on to people that cared about the culture and vibe of the shop rather than just buying the name and merchandise.

Now there were plenty of speed bumps they still had to overcome, but on February 27th, 2020 Mike and Becky officially started their much deserved retirement and passed on the legacy of Mother Murphy's to the gang. Things will change over time, but the fellas truly want to keep the magic of Mother Murphy's alive and are looking forward to a long future.

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Welcome to Mother Murphy's

What's that vaguely skunky smell? Is that the Sex Pistols playing? Those stairs are steep. So does everyone just write on the wall? I wonder if they have blacklight posters.

Are you ready to step out of square society and climb the stairs to Mother Murhpy's? If you aren't 18 don't even think about it.


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